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  • Karen S. Clymer

Eight Words That Freed Me From Fear of Eternal Loss

When I was in my mid twenties and had been faithfully living for God since I was eight years old I experienced a terrible spiritual battle like nothing I had ever faced. Satan began tormenting me telling me I could not possibly go to heaven because there was no way I could remember every sin I had committed so therefore there was no way to be forgiven for them and that I was doomed to go to Hell. Over and again I prayed and ask God for forgiveness of every wrong I could remember and even wrote cards and letters to people I thought I might have offended. Day and night for weeks this battle raged with no relief in sight.

At this time I was single and was traveling as a full time evangelist conducting children’s crusades using a ventriloquist figure named Chesley, along with hand puppets, Chad and Tad to tell Bible stories. It seemed so strange to be standing up and ministering to the children night after night, week after week of God’s love and care and here I was fearing for my soul. Day after day and night after night I continued deperately seeking God for help. Late one night when the service was over I went to my room, knelt by the bed and poured out my heart to God telling Him I felt like I must hear from HIm. I told Him I could hardly stand to think of missing heaven when I had thought all along that I was saved and going to live him there eternally. Then SUDDENLY, it happend--the answer came when He spoke to me in that still small voice these eight liberating words----“Your life is hid with Christ in God.” I didn’t know where it was located, but I knew that was God’s Word, so immediately got my Bible and turned to the concordance and found it was from Colossians 3:3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. It was as though the heaven's opened. Freedom, glorious freedom to be free as a bird to fly out of that awful prison of doubt and fear and torment I had been locked in for weeks. I feasted and feasted on this wonderful liberating truth. What peace and quietness filled my soul and what a restful night I had with the assurance that my life was hid with Christ in God.

If you are experiencing a similar spiritual battle as a Christian, I encourage you to keep doing the right thing--read your Bible, pray and believe God for the answer every day. He is the Master of Breakthrough.

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