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  • Karen S. Clymer

Mrs. Adams, Contentment Personified

A 'Sprecious' memory from, My Memory Treasures

At the age of sixteen, my friend Julene and I received an invitation from our mutual friend, Freda, to visit her and her parents in a small town where they lived in north Texas. I could not know that that trip would be one that changed my life forever.

You see, Freda had mentioned that they were, "just poor people that loved the Lord." I ignored that statement since I had heard many people say they were poor, when really they weren't. Upon arrival at their small frame house, we were warmly greeted by Freda who then introduced us to her dad, Ben, a short, smiling jolly sort of a fella. We were then invited into the house that was as neat and clean as could be. The furnishings were very modest, the wall paper was peeling off the walls, [but had been peeled slick so that none was left hanging], and the floor boards showed through the linoleum. Her mother appeared from out of the kitchen and greeted Julene and I like we were her long lost children. I got the definite impression that if we were her daughter's friends, then we were more than welcome at the Adams house anytime. Yes, the Adams family truly was lacking in the best material 'things' in life, but there was a very rich and warm presence of peace and contentment wafting throughout the household.

As a sixteen year old, the most striking thing to me was that never once that entire week-end did Mrs. Adams ever mention anything like, 'this ole house, I wish I had something else', or apologize to us for not having something better to offer us. It dawned on me that this was a sharp contrast from what I was used to hearing from a number of women who had so much more than Mrs. Adams did. Her smile, her sweet spirit, her love for God and true contentment swept over me like a gentle breeze. I realized Elizabeth Adams was the personification of, "godliness with contentment is great gain", recorded in the Holy Bible -

But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

I Timothy 6:6-8 KJV

When I mentioned to Freda how blessed and impressed I was with her mother's sense of peace and contentment, she said her mother had always been that way. What a treasure! Mrs. Adams was not well known, popular, wealthy, yet impacted my life forever because she was the the personification of, "godliness with contentment."

It is important that each of us ask ourselves, "for what will I be remembered?" Although decades have passed since this trip was made, I am compelled to share it with you in hopes it will encourage you that you too, can be a blessing in someone's life.

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