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  • Karen S. Clymer

Communication, Miscommunication and the Two Sides of Whatever

True story: Several years ago I learned of an individual we will call Family member A who angered another family member we will call Family member B. Family member A had casually mentioned purchasing an item of furniture for their infirm family member. Family member B was livid and was very vocal and quick to tell others in the family and in the community that Family member A was lying when they said they had, "purchased" that piece of furniture. Family member B stated that Family member A had merely picked out the furniture and brought it to the infirm family member, but that the infirm family member had actually paid for it. Did Family member A,"lie"? I really don't think so, but it illustrates how a simple 'miscommunication' can sometimes really stir up things. Now for the following tale to help illustrate the importance of becoming a truly wholesome communicator that I believe we all want to be.


Don’t ignore ‘miscommunication’. It can spell disaster. Mis(s)communication and Lefty ‘Whatever’ were attracted to each other and eventually married. They produced a wild child named Williwaw that lived up to his name - violent commotion. Years went by and together they founded a company and together they lied, cheated and deceived their customers and then found themselves in court and eventually in prison.

Lefty Whatever had a twin brother named, Righty ‘Whatever’. Righty had a new and thriving business. He married a lovely lady named, Excellence. ‘Whatever’ it took to do the right thing is what Righty was determined to do every time. Excellence lived up to her name and provided excellent service and customer care. They produced a delightful child named, Par Excellence. This delightful daughter followed her parents’ example and raised the bar and went above and beyond the customer’s expectation—living up to her name Par Excellence Whatever.

The next time we hear the excuse/reason of ‘miscommunication’ given for a ‘williwaw’ situation, let’s identify the problem and find the solution to wholesome communication Par Excellence Whatever it takes. Miscommunication--we dare not take it lightly.

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