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Embarrassing, but comical things can and will occur from time to time between a husband and wife. How about this true account that happened to us returning from celebrating my birthday with my sister and brother in law in Purcell? To set the stage, our primary care doctor had referred George to a surgeon in Oklahoma City. On Monday of that week we had gone to the appointment with the surgeon and were told we would be receiving a phone call before the week was out to set up his surgery appointment.

Driving along, suddenly my phone rings. When I answered a lady asked if George was there, to which I answered in the informative. "May I speak with him", she ask? Before I could answer, "Yes." George loud and adamantly answered, "No!" The dear lady sputtered and stammered that she was, Shannon from the surgeon’s office calling to set up his date of surgery. Though embarrassed and humiliated, we managed to recover enough to apologize and began taking the information. George sheepishly explained that he had thought it was just another one of those, "stupid calls" we often get.

THEN, before Shannon had completed giving us the information, suddenly he yelled, "You idiot"! I absolutely almost went into shock. Poor Shannon momentarily went silent, then in a very nervous voice said, "Whaaat? Whaaaat?" By then, I realized George was yelling at a driver that had gotten too close for comfort. I apologized and explained he was NOT talking to her, but a driver. Her answer was a subdued, "okay, okay." Mercifully, all of the information was finally taken. I couldn't help but wonder what interesting little note Shannon may have written on his record?

I’m pleased to report, all things went well from start to finish the day of surgery. No incidents. Giant sigh of relief!!

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