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  • Karen S. Clymer

A Promise from God and a Tiny Stray Gray Kitten

One day in 1986 while working for a construction company on a job near Chickasha, OK, my husband, George, said suddenly the Lord spoke these words to his heart, “I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.” He responded to the Lord that he had heard that King David had said that about his own experience; that it wasn’t a promise to everyone. Immediately, the still small voice of the Lord impressed these words on his heart. “But, I am making that promise to you today.”

Early the next day, shortly after getting to work he was called to the telephone; it was the owner of the construction company telling him that he hadn’t won any of the bids he had submitted and had to lay him off. Suddenly the promise given the day before became very real and very precious. Especially because, the week prior we had purchased the bulk of the building material for our dream house, a modified A-frame that George had designed. We had enough money saved to get it, ‘in the dry’.

Day after day George would seek employment, but was unsuccessful. Each day, after job hunting, he would come home and start working on our dream house. During this time, the promise the Lord had given him was like a life rope.

When things were really tight with no money coming in, one day a scraggly tiny gray kitten wandered into our yard and was so weak George thought it best to kill her, but my heart went out to that tiny baby and her pitifully matted eyes and I begged him not to. We prayed for her, doctored her eyes with salt water, but they got no better. One day as George was leaving to go job hunting again in Lawton, I ask him if vets charged you just to ask a question and give you advice about treatment. We certainly didn't have the money to take this baby kitten to the vet or even think about purchasing medicine. While he was gone, this tiny kitten came to me and as she looked up at me thick puss squeezed out of her eyes. I felt so helpless since we were financially 'broke', but I called out to God to please take care of this little kitten. Later that day, when George came home, he had a tiny bottle of medicine. He had stopped by a vet's office and told them about the little kitten. The vet explained to him she he felt certain she an infection from being born in a dirty place. George said he handed him this bottle of medicine, but he declined to accept it, explaining to him he couldn't pay. The vet had said , "no, giving this to you, take it home and put it in the kitten's eyes twice a day and she'll be fine." My heart was so touched; I knew God had answered prayer. I was awed by God's compassion for that tiny stray kitten and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt He knew exactly where George and Karen Clymer lived. In one days’ time that little kitten eyes were totally well. We named her Perky and wouldn’t you know the most striking thing about her was her beautiful eyes.

No, George didn't get another job right away, but he had the house to build which kept him busy after job hunting day after day. More than anything, though, we had the promise of God's provision and Perky was living proof of His care. Since George is quite a handy man he advertised in the Fletcher weekly newspaper as---Handyman's Services---business started coming in regularly. God provided just like he had promised. Then ----

After having his application in for several months at Temple Inland, [the wallboard plant, located a short distance from Fletcher,] his breakfast was interrupted early Wednesday morning, November 19, 1986, by their telephone call asking him to come to work that day. We had a great time of rejoicing and praising the Lord for His faithfulness. We can say with the Psalmist David, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Psalms 37:25 KJV

George went on to retire from that job after almost twenty five years. And, yes, the house was built, ‘pay-as-you-go, after almost three years of building and we moved in debt free. What a blessing!

God's promise holds true today, “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Psalms 37:25 KJV

Written by:

Karen S. Clymer

PO Box 22

Fletcher, OK 73541


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