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  • Karen S. Clymer


I never cease to be amazed at God’s attention to details and timing in meeting our needs. I was single and living in Sterling, OK. when a hail storm struck in August 1971, causing significant damage to the roof of my small and old mobile home. My pastor who was a carpenter had inspected it and told me that I really needed to pray for God to guide me to another mobile home because not only did mine need a new roof, but other significant repairs. As soon as he left, I prayed asking God to guide me in this endeavor.

The following day while visiting a retired minister and wife in Marlow, OK. I mentioned needing to purchase another mobile home. He looked across the street and pointed to a very nice looking, but older model mobile home, and told me it was for sale and he would go see the owner. In a few minutes he returned, saying we could tour it. As I stepped through the front door, I sensed a serene quiet presence - the presence of God. I knew in my heart that this was the mobile home He had provided. (It wasn't until a good while later that I learned the Hicks mobile home was one of the best on the market.) The owner quoted me a fair and reasonable price. He then volunteered to move it for me if I needed him to, and said he would do it at no extra charge. How secure it felt to have God handling my business affairs.

Going home, I was rejoicing at God’s provision and then mentioned to Him that since I was buying this mobile home, I would need a buyer for the one I had and was trusting Him. When I got to work that afternoon, I mentioned to my supervisor what had happened and that I needed to sell my current trailer before moving in the, ‘new’ one. Imagine my surprise when the following day upon arriving at work he told me he knew someone that wanted to buy my mobile home for a disabled relative. Sure enough, the gentleman bought it, “as is.”

What a great business partner our Lord is! He doesn't miss a detail!

The 1959 Hicks 8' X 35' mobile was my home when George and I married in 1974 and was sold only after we had moved into our new house in 1988. The picture included was taken as the new owner of the Hicks mobile home was moving it to its new location.

Written by:

Karen S. Clymer

P. O. Box 22

Fletcher, OK 73541

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