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  • Karen S. Clymer

Funny Little Red 'Loaner' Car Debacle

As the debacle was unfolding, I was thinking, "I can't believe this is happening." However, today it is one of my fondest memory treasures. Hopefully, as you read this account, it will bring up a funny memory of your own or of someone you know.

Several years ago George and I purchased a beautiful new shining silver colored mini van from a dealership in Wichita Falls, TX. Shortly after the purchase we discovered a leak that needed immediate attention. After a call to the dealership, we were told they would send a driver to my job at a bank in Lawton to pick up our mini van and he would leave me a 'loaner' car to drive while the repairs were made. Sure enough the following day, a gentleman from the dealership arrived, picked up the keys to our mini-van and handed me the keys to a little red 'loaner' car.

Fast forward three days: In walks a different man from the dealership and tells me our mini van is fixed and he has parked it in the parking lot in the back. As I thanked him, I reached into my purse and retrieved the keys to the little red 'loaner' car and cheerfully said to him, "And, here are the keys to your little red car." As I reached with my right hand for the keys to our mini van that he was holding, he suddenly withdrew his hand, looked me in the eye and informed me, "you do not have a loaner car." Talk about totally surprised! He would not accept the keys to the little red 'loaner' car and would NOT give me the keys to our mini van. Again, I explained that I actually, factually did have a 'loaner' car from the dealership that was brought to me when our mini van was picked up. He still would not believe me and emphatically said, "You do not have a 'loaner' car; you were not given a 'loaner' car." It did no good when I explained that the dealership furnished us with a 'loaner' car for me to get to and from work. At this point it was all I could do to keep from shaking my head in utter disbelief and hope this really wasn't happening. The only thing left to do was get permission from my supervisor to take the gentleman to the parking lot to see the car for himself. :)

Permission was granted. As I started out the door, the gentleman followed me and apolegized saying that I must surely think that he was crazy. (Surprisingly, somehow I managed to keep a straight face, say nothing and simply head for the parking lot to prove my 'case.') He said he honestly did not know that I had a 'loaner.' (I can only guess that there had been a mix up somewhere in his office and word was not given to him.) He surely, truthfully, did not know that I had a 'loaner' because they had his friend follow him in another car in order for him to have a way home. He shouted to his friend, "She has a 'loaner.' Relief! He finally believed and knew beyond a doubt that I truly did have a little red 'loaner' car from their dealership.

Every time I think of this true happening, I can't help but chuckle. I have often thought of what the trip back was for him alone in his thoughts. Also, I figure he had a talk with someone in the office when he got back.

(The actual car is not pictured)

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