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  • Karen S. Clymer

Hide or Fly? It's About Breaking Barriers

Breaking barriers of fear or the expectations of others can be a daunting task, but well worth the effort to try your wings and fly.

How well I remember two very important decisions in my life, when I had to make the choice to either live like the proverbial hermit crab in an abandoned shell or spread my wings and fly like an eagle. Everyone has those decisions to make or perhaps you are in the process. I sincerely hope these two very important decisions in my life are helpful to you in making your decision.

Being born a twin my greatest challenge growing up was to overcome being unfavorably compared to my twin. Expressing a different opinion than my twin, would many times evoke a look of shock on the face of the person with whom I was speaking followed by a response of this nature, “Your twin doesn’t think that.” Quite surprisingly, I learned there was a false belief among quite a number of people that identical twins should be exactly alike, unlike fraternal twins. Therefore, I had a choice to make; to scamper like a hermit crab to find an abandoned shell that fit their expectation where I would hide and not become the person God wanted me to be, or I could choose to fly away like a bird from other’s expectations and continue building determination into my character to be the person I was born to be, that person God wanted me to be. Hide or Fly? I chose to FLY!!

The greatest influence in my life was my dad, who was a man of impeccable character, but was also a man filled with fear of taking almost any risk. I had a choice to make about both. It was a definite Yes to emulating his impeccable character, but it was a definite No to being bound by fear of taking a reasonable risk of attempting new things, while proceeding with caution. Etched in my memory is the day I made that pivotal decision to assume a risk with my Daddy advising me against it; I was working at a bank, my first job after graduation and had purchased my first car, a 1961 faded blue Ford Falcon. I had decided to take my grandmother to the small town of Hominy, OK., roughly 180 miles north of Fletcher, to visit her son, my uncle, who pastored a church there. The morning dawned to make the trip; my dad was waiting for me in the kitchen with concern written all over his face, true concern for my safety. He began by saying that he wouldn’t make the trip because something could happen, could go wrong. Suddenly, I realized this was a pivotal decision for me, one that would set a precedent. In no way did I want to offend my dad or disrespect him, but I recognized a greater danger of being bound by fear of taking a reasonable risk which was something with which life offers to everyone on a regular basis. Would I choose to scamper away like the proverbial hermit crab in search of an abandoned shell in which to hide and never explore and reach my potential? No, I chose to fly away from fear of taking reasonable risks while proceeding with caution. Quietly and respectfully I answered, “I am going.” It hurt me to disappoint him. However, my decision marked the beginning of exploring and learning and doing. A decision I never regretted. Hide or Fly? I chose to break through the barrier of fear and expectation of others and fly.

I encourage you to make your decision today to break through the barrier of fear or the expectations of others and choose to fly like an eagle. Hide or fly? You get to make the decision. Choose wisely: Choose to fly like an eagle. ​​

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. Is. 40:31

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