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  • Karen S. Clymer

Grandma Akers, Model of Industriousness

The word, industrious, is defined as diligent and hard working and truly is befitting of my maternal grandmother, Velma Akers. I treasure the memories of her as she steadily sewed on her treadle Singer sewing machine. Miles and miles of material were sewn through the years, representing countless hours and countless garments. Then, there was the handwork. Grandma with her needle, thread and every present thimble went to work deftly hemming with those tiny and perfectly spaced stitches.

Speaking of her always having a thimble, I recall going to visit her to complain that Miss Collier, Home Economics teacher, was making me use a thimble and I didn't like it. I just knew she would take my side, but not a chance! She quickly and adamantly informed me I needed to use a thimble. I don't remember why she said I should use one, but I know I never fussed again because if Grandma said I needed a thimble, I KNEW it had to be true. She gave me two of her thimbles, [size 6], that are pictured above. I still use them and cherish them dearly.

Grandma Akers almost always had a quilt going in the winter. It was a common sight to see her leaning over the quilt taking those tiny neat, evenly spaced stitches. Like all kids that lived in that era, I would get in the floor and look under the quilt and see all the knots and ugliness and then look on top where Grandma was stitching and see a beautiful pattern forming.

Her husband, our Grandpa Bud Akers, was a disabled World War 1 vet; Grandma Akers took in ironing and had quite a large clientele. She appreciated her customers and took great pride in ironing each and every garment to perfection.

Yes, without a doubt, Grandma Akers was a model of industriousness. It was her signature.

I think of so many people that have touched my life immeasurably that were not rich or famous, but they were faithful, diligent and so much more. It is my heartfelt desire that these 'sprecious' memories from my memory treasures trigger your memory treasures that will warm your heart.

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